Zoé Chantili



Zoé Chantili


Teleporter Thief


Now you see me, now you don't: Zoé has the ability to teleport short distances, up to 15 feet. She is skilled in the use of this power and uses it for many different situations.

  • Movement: Zoe can move up to 15 feet at the cost of 1 fate point. She can bring another person for an additional fate point.
  • Dodging: By teleporting rapidly around a target, Zoe becomes very hard to hit. +1 to defense at the cost of 1 fate point.
  • Dashing: Stuttering her teleports when she is fleeing lets her move very quickly in a straight line for a short time. 1 fate point


Stop, Thief! There's no way around it, Zoé is a thief. She's good, but she's still on many police systems. She does have experience though, which comes in handy.
Can't cage me Zoé is very claustrophobic and hates being locked up, which can give her a bit of an incentive when trying to escape.
Thinking with portals Zoé loves her power and tends to think it can solve anything and everything, regardless of the facts.


  • Body 2
  • Mind 2


  • Physical Defense 4
  • Thievery 4
  • Persuasion 4
  • Athletics 4
  • Perception 2
  • Melee Attack 1
  • Lore 1


Loose black jumpsuit with lots of pockets
A thick gold coin she picked on a trip through a door.
A shovel
A small vial of what looks like pink powder, but is a highly concentrated love potion, 2/3 of a teaspoon worth.
A metal flask, empty.
A pirate sword and sheath, picked up off a cursed pirate ship
A jeweled ring, picked up off a cursed pirate ship

Personal History

Zoé was always bored growing up, looking for anything interesting to do with her time. Excitement seeking lead to more risky things until she eventually got in over her head. Being chased by a group of rather angry people, she missed a turn and ran straight into a locked gate. Panicking, she felt something odd around her, and she was suddenly looking at he gate from the other side. Not understanding what had happened, she ran away, but as time went on, she realized what she could now do. This is what led to her other set of problems. Inside of a government warehouse and desperate, she teleported through a door, sight unseen to the other side. She found herself in the library.


Zoé is a short, slightly built Asian female, with middle length hair normally tied back. She speaks with a English accent and has a tendency to talk very quickly when she gets excited.



  • Reynolds

XP - 3