Winston Comment

Winston Comment


A man of uncertain gravity.



Personal Gravity: Winston's relationship with gravity more negotiable than other people's. At the cost of one fate point Winston can add a +2 bonus to athletics, physical defense or melee attack. This bonus represents an alteration in Winston's relationship to gravity rendering him more maneuverable, heavy or light.


Cultured and Connected: Winston had the unfortunate childhood experience of being sent to a traditional, exclusive boarding school for the abuse preparation of aristocratic youth for adulthood. The classical education curriculum was supplemented by his family's "how the world really works for people like us" lectures on hostile takeovers, shady organizations and white collar crime. This was principally conducted Uncle Wallace aka "that uncle".

Sleep?: Few people can get as much reading done as a constantly-caffeinated insomniac like Winston . Few constantly-caffeinated insomniacs look like they need sleep more than Winston.

Constant Comment: An aristocratic family requires many things of it's children, silence, politeness, ballroom dancing, small talk, disgust for the lower class and penetrating passive aggression. Winston can do all of these things but really wishes that he didn't.



  • Body: 2
  • Mind: 3
  • PDef: 2
  • MDef: 3
  • Perception: 1

*BA in Folklore and Literature:1
*Culture:1 (French)
*Street Smart:1 (It's really more of a "connected" thing)

Xp:4 (+1 from the "save Miss Lourie" run?)


1 Travel Mug
1 Tasteful Messenger Bag
1 Portable Teapot
1 Box of Constant Comment (Organic)
1 Library Card
1 Wallet(leather, full)
1 Change of Clothes (Black everything)
1 Smartphone (expensive)
1 Netbook
1 Journal and fountain pen (custom)

1 Charred and blackened vertebra that is warm to the touch.

Personal History

Winston Comment is the third in line to inherit the title of Lord Comment from his father should the old man ever get around to "finishing up" as the Comments are inclined to say. The House of Comment is the oldest, subtle and connected British aristocratic family you have never heard of. The House has never had designs on the throne, never sought rivalries or feuds and very few people are actually sure it exists. What they lack in ambition the House makes up for in influence. House Comment is the broker's house, the house of deals, the house with a finger in every proverbial and literal pot.
Winston had been groomed from birth to be a backroom dealer which was something he was not particularly fond of. Winston had only two loves, tea and literature and spent as much time as possible drinking and reading long into the night. His parents (informed by their nursery staff) decided to "man him up" by forcing Winston to partake in Greco-Roman wrestling while at St. Guanine the Exclusive's Boarding Academy. It was during this unpleasant time that Winston discovered that he could change his personal gravity during a wrestling match in which Winston applied far more leverage than physically possible to a competitor.

Winston discovered the Library after getting lost in the labyrinthine stacks of his favorite bookstore "The Raven". He now frequents the Library at any and all opportunities. It is simultaneously the quietest and most intriguing place Winston has ever been and he certainly doesn't plan on being anywhere else.