Tsubaki Nishimura


Tsubaki "Cam" Nishimura


Human Shapeshifter


Changeling: By spending a Fate Point, Tsubaki can completely change into another human form, subject to limitation by the GM and Tsubaki's aspects - namely, she cannot shift clothing. When this transformation is used, she gains +3 to persuasion if it's used as a disguise.


It's Not Paranoia If They're Really Out To Get You - Some people get tired of running. Others just learn to pace themselves. Tsubaki is from the latter group. She can stay in one place, but that means keeping an eye on the exits. She's got a keen eye for spotting trouble, but sometimes she sees it when it isn't there.
The Only Constant Is Change - Tsubaki has been many people. Unlike grifters and conmen, she can't remind herself of who she is by looking in the mirror. Her talent for switching who she is makes it hard to tell when she's lying. Even for her.
Ever Watchful - Tsubaki wants to -know-. She wants see what makes you tick, and wants to burrow into your brain and see through your eyes. She's good at observing behavior, but she also tends to unnerve people by watching them. Always watching.


  • Persuasion: Great
  • Perception: Great
  • Thievery: Good
  • Lore: Average
  • Street Sense: Fair
  • Physical Defense:// Good
  • Mental Defense: Good


Whatever's in her wallet, a Swiss Army knife, and a backpack with a few changes of clothes, hats, and props.

Personal History

Tsubaki's normal form - or at least, what may be her favorite transformation - is that of a young Japanese woman in casual clothing. She gives a simple nickname to those unable or unwilling to use her "actual" one, based on a translation.

Tsubaki is hesitant to talk about how she discovered her powers, but quickly found practical application for them. She found herself imitating others in a curious attempt to live their lives, but dug a little too deep one day when she unknowingly took on the form of one of the victims of a serial murder that the GOC was looking into. As the GOC received conflicting reports on the events surrounding the murder, Tsubaki was forced on the run to avoid further investigations and pursuits. Her new life as a runaway has forced her to become crafty, necessitating a sharp tongue, honed senses, and fast hands.

When her last hideaway was raided, however, she took refuge in a strange library….