Name: Todd Lowery


Physical Defense: Good (3)
Body: Good (3)
Mind: Fair (2)
Street Sense: Great (4)
Sneak: Great (4)
Athletics: Great (4)
Lore: Fair (2)
Melee Attack: Great (4)
Perception: Fair (2)

XP: 1

Used XP: 16

Fate Points: 6


Vampirism: With the use of a Fate Point, Todd can gain +3 to melee attacks or feed on a body to recover a health die. The latter must be done on a recently dead body, and cannot be done in combat.


Urban Monkey: Todd's lived his whole life in the urban jungle. He knows his way over, around, or under just about any obstacle you could find.

Bloodthirsty: Todd's normally just like anyone else. But when he's really hungry, or heaven forbid actually eating, well… He gets a little touchy, is all.

Why can't I be Prince Charming?: Todd is -really- crushing on Iriel. He also swore on his life he'd protect her. Dumbass.

Twi-hard: Todd reads a lot about vampires! He can spout out vampire facts on demand.

Courier: Todd is an official courier for the Hand.


Murmur's Gift: Todd can tag this to force a (0, 0, +, +) for a physical or mental defense roll. This has one use.

Stone Soup: Todd can tag this to force a (0,+,+,+) for a mental defense roll.


Charge: Todd can tag this for an automatic (+,+,+,+) on an Athletics Roll.

+++The Story So Far:
Todd has been hanging around the Library for about a year, but he's only started talking to the regular denizens recently. He's helped out a few times, including assisting a necromancer in recovering his dead experiments. During the course of the adventure, Todd ended up orphaning an 11 year old girl. They took her back to the Library, and her fate is as of yet undecided.

+++The effects of Vampirism:
After hitting puberty, Todd began to change. The bloodlust came first. He would feel extremely irritable when he was hungry, lashing out at people around him. Then the fangs came. Now, the obvious changes have stopped, but his body is still differentiating itself from the norm, growing stronger and more muscular than normal- and less human every day.


Igneus Crewt's Library Card. He's dead.


Mastercard with $500

Spare change of clothes

Blackberry w/contacts