Tim Imants


Tim Imants

+++ Power

Badass Normal: By spending a Fate Point, Tim can add +3 to any
sneak or persuasion roll.

+++ Aspects

Top o' the World: Tim's the best thief in all the world, or so he thinks.
Old Friends: Tim has spent a good part of his life working for the Foundation. All though his departure was… amicable, members of the Serpent's Hand might be averse to dealing with him.
If I can pry it up, it's not nailed down: Tim likes to take things! Usually he gives them back. Usually.

+++ Skills
* Sneak: 4
* Persuasion: 4
* Perception: 4
* Athletics: 3
* Gunshooting: 2
* Physical Defence: 2
* Physical Health: 2
* Mental Health: 2

XP: 1

+++ Possessions

A parrot.

+++ Personal History

Once upon a time… there was a man.