Ethereal scholar.


Flash of Insight: By spending a fate point, Theomagus may either raise his Lore by +2, or roll Perception at any time for any place he's been to.


Knowledge for the Knowledge God-Theomagus is obsessed with collecting knowledge. Even the most trivial information, he wants.
Out of Touch-Theomagus isn't quite in-tune with society as a whole. Also, he seems not to be affected by things that most people would but, such as pain, heat, or even tiredness.
Doak and Clagger-Despite constantly wearing black robes and keeping his face covered, Theomagus would make the worst spy ever. He stands out, doesn't understand subtlety, isn't good at perceiving motives, and blends in as well as a rhino on a baseball field.


  • Defense: Good 3
  • Mental Defense: Good 3
  • Lore: Superb 5
  • Law: Average 1
  • Perception: Good 3+3
  • Engineering: Average 1
  • Scholarship (Physics): Average 1
  • Scholarship (Biology): Average 1
  • Scholarship (Quantum Mechanics): Average 1
  • Foreign Culture (Arabic, Sumerian): Fair 2
  • Thrown Weapons: Fair 2


Throwing spikes.
Library Card.
White feather

Personal History

Not much is known about the strange Theomagus. Absolutely refusing to show his features, he constantly remains robed. What is known about him is his eidetic memory, and absolute fascination with obtaining any piece of knowledge he can about the universe. His curiosity, along with his lack of social skills and mysterious appearance has led to the rumors that Theomagus does not, in fact, completely exist within this plane of reality.