Stephen Trentini


Stephen Trentini


Intuitive memeticist.


Memeticism: By expending a Fate Point, Stephen can add +2 to his next Persuasion or Stealth roll, or use Persuasion for his next attack instead of Defense. Both of these abilities require that the target be able to see Stephen and that he have access to something to write with and on.


Odd One Out: Trentini can only use his abilities because his brain is fundamentally different from most peoples'. This gives him immunity to his own memetics and resistance to others', but it can also hurt like hell sometimes.
The Quiet Game: Can't speak.
Friend to the Little Man


  • Persuasion: Great
  • Athletics: Fair
  • Sense Motive: Fair
  • Melee: Fair
  • Stealth: Good
  • Street sense: Good
  • Lore: Average
  • Mental Defense: Fair + 1
  • Defense: Good
  • Perception: Average + 1


  • Several pads of paper and pens.
  • Cans of spray paint.
  • A copy of a book, title unreadable.

Personal History

Stephen Trentini's life was pretty shitty before he found the Library. Homeless, and considered by most slightly crazy, he didn't really question it when an alley he wandered into led him to an endless row of bookshelves. So he pulled out a random book and started reading. That book wasn't particularly unusual, nor was the next. But eventually, he pulled a memetic book on memetics that and burned its knowledge into his head where his speech center used to be. Now he uses his abilities to make sure that the cities of America pays a little more attention to its homeless population than it used to.