Scylla NorthEast


Scylla Red Fish NorthEast


Lost time-traveller


Badass Normal: By spending a Fate Point, Scylla can add +3 to any Physics or Engineering roll.


Homesick Scylla will to pretty much anything to get back home.
Out of place Scylla comes from a different age, and possibly a different timeline: most “common knowledge”, to her, isn't.
Obsessive She'll get dangerously passionate about her projects.


XP tracker: I

  • Scholarship (Physics): Great (4)
  • Engineering: Great (4) +1
  • Lore: Average (1)
  • Athletics: Fair (2)
  • Gun combat: Good (3)
  • Medical: Average (1)
  • Scholarship (Philosophy): Average (1)
  • Physical defense: Fair (2)
  • Mental defense: Fair (2)


Slightly torn coat, borrowed/spare clothing, several metal fragments in a jar, various found objects, red notebook.

Personal History

Scylla Red Fish is from the future, or someone's future, at least. She was found when a burning machine that looked like nothing on earth appeared in the Mojave desert at night, and, barely lucid, was given a choice: go with the Hand or stay for the Foundation teams that were approaching rapidly. She chose the former, and was whisked off: nursed back to relative health by a Hand ally, given an inconspicuous job managing bakery equipment that she's normally on the verge of losing.
Scylla's memory is bad. Among the injuries she sustained before she was found (including a broken arm, bad concussion, pinned foot, etc) is a nasty case of retrograde amnesia: she doesn't know what happened, or much about where she came from (including year or location). But she knows enough to remember she's not from around here: the silver ziggurats, glistening in the woven sky; the smell of fraying wires in the slums; the soft ice soil where red dogtrees grow… all of it is written her mind. She may only remember fragments, but the fragments are enough to drive her day and night to try and find a way home.