Sadler Matthews


Vagabond attuned to vermin .


Whisper of the Dregs: Sadler may spend a Fate point to manipulate his ties with vermin, at the GM’s discretion.


Street Rat: Sadler has lived homeless among vermin for a large part of his life. He’s grown acutely familiar with the underbelly of a city. Quite comfortable in dark buildings, tunnels, alleyways, etc. In addition, rubbish, garbage and foul stench don't bother him. However, at the same time he himself is almost always disheveled and crawling with tons of little bugs.

Crawlers: Critters are attracted to him, and find comfort in his presence. Bugs, rodents, bats, anything you want to smash with a broom. He usually has a few "friends" with him at all times. However, they won't go away even if he asks them to.

Skittish: Being moderately agoraphobic, Sadler's extremely uncomfortable in bright, public areas. In these areas, sudden/loud noises, sudden movements, and the like may provoke a panicked reaction.

Food God: Sadler is Ted's bestest friend in the whole world.

[T] Stone Soup: The mechanics for that is if you spend a Fate Point for it, you recall the story and the blessing of Mister Porter, as well as his tasty gumbo. You get an automatic (+,+,+,0) on a Mental Defense roll.

[T] Murmur's Gift: Allows to force a (0,0,+,+) on a Physical or Mental Defense roll.

[T] Swarm Rider: May use a Swarm's PhysDef instead of his own, once.

[T] Hide Me!: Automatic (+,+,+,+) against Todd. Three uses.


  • Phys Def: 2 Fair
  • Body: 2 Fair
  • M. Def: 1 Average
  • Mind: 2 Fair
  • Melee: 2 Fair
  • Lore: 2 Fair
  • Magic (Summon): 3 Good
  • Perception: 3 Good
  • Sneak: 4 Great
  • Street Sense: 4 Great
  • Survival: 1 Average
  • Chin: 5 Superb
  • XP: 9
  • Fate: 4


  • Gene Porter: New Orleans soup kitchen worker.
  • Reynolds: The guy in Georgia.


Long tattered coat, with deep inside pockets. Owns several assorted knives, a can opener, fork, spoon, and usually some matches.

A mouse named Klaus. and a Madagascar hissing cockroach named Hisser.

Cartwright's Card

Ball of Clean, a magic device he acquired in a trade with Jessie Cartwright for ten minutes of the feeling of ultimate control. It will give him one hour of the feeling of pure cleanliness, in five- or ten-minute bursts. 10 minutes left.

Mint-Eucalyptus-Citronella Body Wash: If Sadler uses before bed, it will allow him a restful sleep. If he's up and about, it will repel flying insects for a few hours, and dampen the attraction he has towards crawling insects. Other animals are not affected. Roughly enough for 7 uses left. When used, he gains Removes the Crawlers Aspect for the duration of a single scene, replacing it with the Washed Aspect; this Aspect imposes a -3 penalty to Magic (Summoning). Requires the expenditure of a fate point and a successful alchemy check to create.

Bug Repellant Bath Oils - From The Chemist, a chemical bath that repels all kinds of vermin from any area. Super concentrated, the vial has 10 uses. Repels everything for 24 hours. Cancels his Power after use.

CYBIL's harddrive.

Personal History

Sadler ran away from home when he was 14. He was quite lonely, stealing food and living on the streets. One night, he was desperately lonesome, and wished on a shooting star for a friend. This was the moment that the Crawlers began to love him.

Preferring to work odd jobs here and there for sustenance, he lived on the streets for about 6 or 7 years, scraping a living together with his Crawlers.


The bugs react like a hive, and seem to react to very strong emotions, and will work to protect him. They just kind of find him, and are tame towards him.

More complex animals, such as rodents, decapods and reptiles, are less easily influenced. However, it is still possible for him to tame anything that crawls along the ground. This includes insects that metamorphose, but not animals like humans that need to learn to walk. Tamed animals will instinctively protect him, and will not leave unless made to. Flies and similar insects ignore him.

He's around 21 or 22, and quite gaunt. He does not like taking stuff for free from people, but prefers to earn his keep. He is gay. He is friendly, and pretty close to Lawful Good. He keeps care of his nails, he doesn't like them long.

Usually he's covered by some dirt, dead bugs, and living bugs. His hair's quite messy, as well, as normal hair care places won't take him. However, if he removed the bugs, cleaned up nicely, gained about 20 pounds and got a real haircut, this would be him.