Reeder Quain


Reeder Quain


Arcane Accident


Cursed Body:
Whenever he levels up a physical stat, he will grow or develop some kind of related physical mutation which affects him IC. I must roll 1d6, the result of which will choose a random stat from the below list to level up. When said stat is leveled up, it will change Quain physically.

  • 1. Melee
  • 2. Athletics
  • 3. Sneak
  • 4. Perception
  • 5. Physical Defense
  • 6. Body

Whenever Quain levels up a physical stat, I may adjust his Cursed Aspect to reflect his mutation.


Cursed: Quain has been cursed, and is slowly changing. So far he's experienced a painful restructuring of his teeth, which occurred at the onset of his curse. They are now sharp shearing plates, with fanglike points at the front; otherwise he looks just like a normal person.
What could go wrong?: Quain is prone to carelessness when dealing with something that he finds interesting, such as the arcane. He generally takes the paranormal at face value, often ignoring subtler clues or the urging of others that something could be more dangerous than it appears.
My Name Is Accurate: Reeder Quain's read a lot of obscure and random books throughout the Library, at least two of every genre. Occasionally his retarded levels of trivia comes in handy.


  • Athletics: 2
  • Medical: 1
  • Scholarship - Archaeology: 2
  • Street Sense: 2
  • Melee: 1
  • Throwing: 1
  • Lore: 4
  • P.Def: 2
  • M.Def: 2
  • Body: 2
  • Mind: 4


  • Library Card
  • Assorted personally written notebooks on lore.

** Notebook which is entirely a list of Knocks

Personal History

Reeder Quain led a relatively ordinary life until his early teen years, when his grandfather died. While cleaning out his attic, Reeder found a number of old notebooks pertaining to basic mystical lore, ranging from basic conjuration spells to potions and alchemy. Here he also found a small list of Knocks to enter the Library. He only occasionally visited the Library until his early adulthood, which is when he began to spend every moment of his free time poring over the stacks.

Recently, he ventured into the darker areas of the Library, and uncovered a book which was incorrectly put away by some careless patron. Never having seen a tome quite like this one, he opened it and immediately felt weak and dizzy as a long-sealed curse threw itself upon him.