R. J. Clinton


R. J. Clinton


Historian and Bookworm


Well Read: Clinton has done extensive research on alternate worlds culture, customs and history. Spending 1 AP to grants a +3 bonus to Lore or Foreign Culture.


Wait I can still figure it out Clinton loathes fighting and is hesitant to attack. He instead relies on his brain and is more willing to try and figure it out rather than attack.
Diplomacy: Clinton is willing to try and defuse any situation with calm words, rather than violence. However, the diplomatic approach is not always the best idea.
Explorer: Clinton likes to explore any new area he finds himself in to the fullest. Sometimes he can find neat stuff, but he also might get lost or thrown off track.


  • Foreign Culture: 4
  • Lore: 3
  • Scholarship: 4
  • Perception: 2
  • MDef 3
  • PDef 2
  • Mind 2
  • Body: 2
  • Gun Combat 2


A collection of history books.
A red hat.
One revolver.
Writing utensils.

Personal History

Robert J. Clinton has been a scholar and historian for as long as he can remember. His grandfather would take him up to the musty old study, and within they would study the treatise and essays on all the worlds cultures. All through his adolescent years, this nascent love of the histories stayed within him. He cut off the stranglehold of socialization and communication to focus on his studies, and his newfound collection of historical works.

When he reached adulthood, he worked at a University, in the history department. Although he was widely known as one of the most droll members of the faculty, his wide bank of knowledge overcame the stigma. Clinton learned many new things at this stage of his life, but he always desired to learn more. After he'd completely gone through the University library, he went off to find an even more extensive type of knowledge. While traveling to find such a place, he found his way to the library.

Alleged photograph of Professor Clinton