Percival "Percy" Ritter


Percy Ritter


Homeless Paladin


Divine Challenge: Percy has the ability to protect the innocent from danger, and to face down evil in all its forms. By spending a Fate Point, he can force any number of opponents to target him with their attacks this round.


A Knight is Sworn to Valor: As a modern-day Paladin, Percy lives by a strict moral code. He has sworn oaths of celibacy, chastity, humility, honesty, and poverty, as well as promises to help those in need, protect those in danger, and oppose evil in all its forms.

Blade With Whom I Have Lived: Percy and his sword share a bond which could decapitate the test of time. A more loving relationship would be hard to find. However, this leads to problems: Percy dislikes being separated from his sword, and downright refuses to let it be held by others.

Sanctuary!: Percy is a man of the Church. He breathes, sleeps, and eats the word of God. This has it's benefits: Churches will take him in, shelter, feed, and bathe him. A priest whose faith is strong might even do favors or bring jobs to him. However, to demons and the unholy, Percy carries the stench of Faith. They spot him more easily, and do not trust such an obvious devotee of God's will.


XP Used/Total: 0/2

  • Beard: +1 - He has a beard.
  • Lore (Demonology): Fair +2 - Given that Percy keeps running into demons and the paranormal all the time, he's made an effort to study Outside beings, how they work, and how to deal with them. He's still learning, though
  • Street Sense: Fair +2 - Percy's spent some time on the streets, too. He knows how to hop a train, hitch a ride, and bum for spare change if he needs to.
  • Melee Attack: Good +3 - Percy's spent a lot of time learning how to swing his sword around.
  • Physical Defense: Great +4 - Like I said, Percy's spent a lot of time learning how to swing his sword around, but even more time spent on how to protect himself, and others, from danger.
    • Body: 4 pts.
  • Mental Defense: Great +4 - Percy has an iron will backed by his faith in God and his cause.
    • Mind: 3 pts.
  • Perception: Fair +2 - Percy's got some decent senses. Nothing special, though.


A sword
A dagger
A coat
Some gloves and stuff
Pocket lint
A rosary
Dragon Skin Body Armor ("loaned" to him by Midnight, kept at her place.)
A prepaid cell phone
A medallion of Saint Jude Thaddeus, Patron Saint of Lost Causes

Personal History

Percy Ritter comes from a fairly nice white-collar background, and grew up in a small town on the outskirts of Los Angeles. He came from a Catholic background, and after finishing High School, decided to go to seminary and become a priest.

So one day he's in his cell praying and meditating, when a vision appears before him: a being he believes is an angel tells him to stand up and follow her. He does. When he realizes where he is again, he finds himself in the seminary library. And he's staring right at a copy of the story of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

This happens the next night too. He's in evening prayers, a being he believes is an angel appears and tells him to stand up and follow her. When he does, this time, he finds himself standing at the side of the road, looking at the path leading off into the distance.

The NEXT night, the same thing happens, this angel appears, he follows her, and when he comes down from his vision, he's standing in front of an empty fairground… and it's the night before the Renaissance Faire, and some guy is waving a hand in his face and asking him if he's okay.

As it turns out, the man is a swordsmith for the local Ren Faire, who makes live-steel, combat-ready swords… and his top-quality longsword just happens to cost about as much as Percy's entire savings. So long story short, Percy winds up blowing his entire life's savings on a damn sword, dropping out of seminary, and becoming a bum. Which seemed like a completely daft idea until the first time he met a real demon…