Mister Teddy


Loyal lieutenant to the dreadfulest creature ever created.


Channeling: Mister Teddy can use his bronze arm to channel the power of his Lord, resulting in spell like effects.

Force lightning: A melee lightning attack that costs nothing


Just a Toy Mister Teddy appears to be a childs toy, only a foot and a half tall.

Wanted by the foundation The SCP want to contain him, for everything he knows about Jager.

Newfound Life Teddy has only been 'alive' for a couple of years, despite his mature intelligence. He is eager to find out anything he can about living, and obsessed with staying alive.

Strange Metal, Strange Master Mister Teddys right arm was created by the entity known as Jager. Jager still has quite a bit of control over it, as well as Teddy not knowing exactly what all it can do. This leads to the arm sometimes acting in unusual ways.


  • Lore: 4
  • Health: 4
  • Melee Attack: 3
  • Magic (transportation): 3
  • Mind: 3
  • Physical Defense:3
  • Mental Defense:3
  • Athletics:1


A selection of knives, a spiky ball on a long chain, lots of cigars, a cute little trenchcoat and fedora stolen from an unalive stuffed bear, various little things he's picked up.

Personal History

Once upon a time… Mister Teddy was a normal teddy bear. Not just any teddy bear, no, he was a panda bear, with black arms, legs, back ears and around the eyes, and white everywhere else. And he was much loved by his owner Tommy. But Tommy had a secret, he could bring his toys to life! For a year, Mister Teddy and his owner lived happily together, playing with Tommy's other toys. Then the bad men came.

Mister Teddy had been warned about the bad men. A good man, who called himself Everett, told Mister Teddy that certain bad men hated little boys who could do things, and stole them away. Mister Teddy and his friends tried to save Tommy, but to no avail. As he lay dying, feeling his life leach away, Everett came to him, and offered him a chance to keep on living. All he had to do was aid Everett in his quest to change the world…