"Meimei" or Little Sister in whatever language applies.


Shaolin Yeti, off to study the world


Shangri-la Shaolin: Meimei knows Kung-fu. In all seriousness, she was trained by an order of Shaolin monks, and the combination of trained skills and natural strength are a potent combination. She can spend a fate point to roll double for any melee attack.


Hylobatidae sapiens Meimei is not human, and thus, she behaves somewhat differently. This leads to her sometimes having to take a moment to think or just outright being confused by humans.
Abominable Snowman Quite frankly, Yeti's are scary, and even if they aren't, her animal features unnerve most people.
Kung-Fu Movie Buddhism Meimei was raised to avoid violence, except when necessary to protect herself and others, or for the sake of hunting. That being said, it takes a little extra urging for her to actually switch from defensive to offensive.


  • Athletics: 3
  • Foreign Culture (Chinese): 1
  • Lore: 1
  • Survival: 3
  • Physical Defense: 4
  • Body: 4
  • Mental Defense: 2
  • Mind: 2
  • Melee Attack: 4

Fate Points





Simple robe
A heavy fur coat
Old Bayonette
Some seeds
About ten bucks in odd change

Personal History

We'll call her people the Yeti, and the Yeti lived in mountain valleys, in small villages and tribes. And they lived that way for a long, long time, farming simple crops, foraging for additional food, sharing with monks and travelers who were lucky enough to happen upon their hidden tribes (although they were not above defending themselves, if visitors posed a problem). Of course, these days, you can probably count the number of Yeti still alive on your fingers and toes.

One Yeti, named Little Sister, liked to spend time high on the mountains, at a quiet little monastery. There, she trained with the monks and eagerly listened to stories about the outside world. And then, one day, a traveling Bikkhuni arrived, with a portable television.

Little Sister saw the outside for the first time, and looked back at her village, where she saw her small people and her family slowly dying, her whole species going extinct. Her mind was made up, then. She would leave, and let her people fade into nonexistance, but not before she saw the rest of the world for herself.

After some traveling, she learned of the library from a traveling monk, and has been searching for a door for a while…


Meimei seems to be more or less humanoid, although her features are often referred to as being somewhat "monkey-like", with a muzzle-like nose, large, sharp teeth, and large pointed ears. Her brown eyes have oblong pupils, her feet resemble an extra set of hands (complete with opposable thumbs), and her limbs are slightly longer in proportion to her body than the average human, her hands and feet larger and her overall form lean and muscular.

But perhaps her most obvious feature is the thick coat of reddish-blonde fur covering her body, save for the dark skin of her face and here and there. Her fur is a coarse, protective coat, but it's not fully insulating, although it does make hot temperatures a bit more miserable for her. The fur on her head is longer, more like hair, and she sometimes braids or pulls it back.