Markus St. Christopher

Name: Markus St. Christopher


Wandering Holy Man


Prayer: By spending a Fate Point, Mark can add +2 (bless) or -1 (curse) to one other character or NPC's next roll (this has to be done in advance; when someone is being shot at it is too late to buff them.) May also bless or curse inanimate object, events, etc. with effects to be determined by the situation.


Guardian Angel: If someone is injured or in danger Mark will try to help, regardless of minor details like whether or not the person in question is actively trying to kill him.
Rootless: Mark can fit everything he owns except for a motorcycle into a large backpack. He feels uncomfortable staying in the same place for extended periods of time. He spends his nights in churches or at other holy sites when on the road, and eats mostly what others are willing to give him. His contacts in and knowledge of any given area are negligible.
Healer of the Heart and Soul: Mark has largely self-taught but almost miraculously effective medical abilities in dealing with both physical and mental aliments. He was originally studying to be a cardiac surgeo


  • Lore: Fair
  • Perception: Fair
  • Persuasion: Fair
  • Medical: Great
  • Sense Motive: Good
  • Physical Defense: Good
  • Mental Defense: Great
  • XP: 0


Motorcycle, backpack containing personal possessions, a wide range of holy symbols.

Personal History

Mark was found on a church doorstep somewhere in England with the note ‘May God smile upon you who shelter this child,’ and was raised by the church group into an intensely religious young man with a gift for medicine. He enrolled in med school and remained with the church until the age of twenty-two, when a great voice came to him in a dream and commanded him to leave the church forever, cursing the very ground on which it stood. A week later he discovered that the head pastor and several of the elders had been stealing church funds for personal gain, and in disgust he left and, as he had been commanded, cursed the ground beneath the church. Mark wandered aimlessly for a few years, offering healing and blessings to those who gave him shelter, and joined the Hand for protection after his abilities began to attract unwanted attention. The church building was destroyed in an earthquake years later.