What are maneuvers? These are basically special moves you can do to set up an advantage. At its most basic, you're rolling a skill to put an Aspect on a person, place, or scene. For example, you might use Perception to notice the mobster has a limp. You might put Sneak on yourself to get the Out of Sight, Out of Mind. Now, this has two advantages. One, this gives you an Aspect you (or possibly your allies) can tag, even if your normal Aspects wouldn't apply. Second, the person to roll gets the first tag of the Aspect free (or can pass this on to someone else).

Some maneuvers last a very short time (using Athletics to make a minotaur Off Balance), while others might last the entire scene (using Persuasion to intimidate a mook and making him Shaken). Some maneuvers might only apply to the person who rolls (using Perception to aim and put In My Sights on an enemy) while others can be easily used by other characters (using Survival to put Nooks and Crannies on the terrain to help with Sneak).

To use a maneuver, simply declare that you're performing a Maneuver and tell the GM what you're planning. Once the GM okays it, you then roll the relevant skill. The target number will typically be three. An Aspect is added to the target (which can even be yourself). The first time you tag that aspect, it doesn't cost any fate points. Alternately, you can give someone else the benefit (provided they can tag the Aspect in the first place).

Remember, maneuvers aren't just for combat. They can be used in any scene where you can think of an aspect that might come in handy. The sky's the limit. Just make sure the skill makes sense for what you're doing.

Some suggested maneuvers for skills:

Athletics: Knock an enemy Off Balance. Bound around, making yourself Hard to Hit.

Engineering: Notice Weak Spots on a robot. Put a Virus on a security system to help sneak in.

Foreign Culture: Know just which insult to offer person from that culture to make them really Ticked Off

Lore: Know the Vulnerabilities of different monsters. Find out exploitable Aspects of the Outside.

Perception: Spot Weaknesses. Aim to put someone In Your Sights. Find the perfect Hiding Spot.

Persuasion: Bluff someone to make them Distracted. Intimidate them until they're Shaking in Their Boots.

Sneak: Hide until you're Out of Sight, Out of Mind, and get a sneak attack.

Street Sense: Show your Street Cred to get a bonus when dealing with people on the street. Get lost in Twisty Alleys, All Alike, to make things hard for pursuit.

Survival: Figure out the best way to use the High Ground. Use the Dense Underbrush to your advantage.