Lukas Konec
Mr. Konec


Lukas Konec


There's something weird about this guy…


Face In The Crowd: Lukas is about as nondescript as they come, but he also has an uncanny knack for noticing and imitating the mannerisms of others. Spend a point to add +3 to Stealth or Perception.


There's Something Wrong With You: There's something about this guy that gives a weird vibe. Maybe it's the way he holds a smile for too long. Or the way he looks past people when talking. Whatever it is, when talks, he creeps people the hell out. And don't even get him started on dogs…
Multiple Choice Past: Ask Lukas about his childhood, and he'll give you any one of a dozen stories, all contradictory, all equally true. He knows he was born in Flagstaff, Jakarta, Rio de Janero, and Munich. He doesn't get why it's so hard for everyone else to accept that.
Doggedly Friendly: Lukas creeps out almost everyone he talks to. But he doesn't let polite coughs, glares, or threats of bodily harm dissuade him. Because people are friendly, and he is a person.


  • Physical Defense: 2
  • Body: 3
  • Mental Defense: 2
  • Mind: 2
  • Lore: 2
  • Foreign Culture: 3 (Czech, Slovak, English, Russian)
  • Perception: 4
  • Sneak: 4
  • Gun combat: 2


Wallet with around 400 USD, several coins featuring non-existent saints (St. Pamela of Licolnshire, St. Henrich the Bald, and St. Thomas the Accursed), a small transistor radio, a magnifying glass, and a Swiss Army knife. Carries a low-calibre gun in a satchel, along with several books with blank pages.

Personal History

Lukas first started appearing in the Library some time around 1987. He wasn't particularly interested in talking with anyone, which was fine for all concerned. Two years ago, he began taking an intense interest in the affairs of the Serpent's Hand. He's made few friends, but that hasn't done anything to dampen his now-chipper demeanor.