+++ Concept

A vigilante book keeper, hateful of the jailers and willing to go to great lengths to break their hold on the world.

+++ Power

Badass Bookkeep: +3 to Lore or Gunshoots

Fate Points: 3

+++ Aspects

Compassion: Capable of astounding hate, Korvo is also capable of astounding compassion. The small, the weak, and the displaced are what keeps Korvo going. What he fights for every day.
Knowledge is a curse: Korvo knows a lot about the Foundation. But that knowledge attracts eyes. Sometimes displeased Hand members… and sometimes worse. The Foundation is always watching.
Firebrand: Korvo has a particular brand of Foundation hate that he's very zealous about. He's almost more lenient with bookburners than he is with jailers. It's not even that he's angry— just that he's willing to kill men in cold blood to right the wrongs of the past.

+++ Skills
* Lore: 5
* Mental Health: 2
* Physical Health: 2
* Gunshoots: 3
* Perception: 4
* Physical Defense: 3
* Mental Defense: 3
* Athletics: 2
* Engineering: 1

* XP: 1 (4)

+++ Possessions

Raggedy-Ragg clothing
(netbook, several books)
Disposable cellphone


+++ Personal History

Ever since he came into contact with the hand, Korvo's been tight-lipped about his past. He arrived in the Library on the run and bleeding, narrowly escaping confinement in a Foundation body-bag, and ever since then he's been fighting hard against their cause. Some of the more moderate members of the Hand think that he's a dangerous hothead with a penchant for making rash decisions, while others hail him as a true brother to the cause. And yet, some whisper that his past is suspicious. Perhaps too suspicious. What kind of person does the Foundation set out to kill, and not capture?

Korvo is tall and weather worn. His face is broad featured, but doesn't quite seem to suit his body, or his short brown hair. He's got a ready grin that he uses too little, and dark eyes that are always watching, like a Raven's. His clothes are travel-worn and well used, but held together by some passable stitchwork. He's often got his nose buried in a book. He's probably in his early 30's.