Johann Grey


Johann Grey


Faustian-bargainmaker musician, regretting his end of the deal


The Zafardion: Owner and master of the Zafardion, an enchanted autoharp. Allows use of Magic skill.


Music Toxicity: Johann is growingly allergic to music. Exposure tends to give him headaches, dizziness, and fainting. This can be mitigated by either being able to play along with it on the Zafardion- he doesn't react to his own music- or by wearing earplugs. If he does that, of course, he's deaf.
Tried it All, Once: After years of- ahem- recreational experimentation, Johann is very calm in the face of perception-altering substances and weird physical affects.
On Contract: A certain crocodile-headed devil of uncertain origin has a contract on Johann's soul. The exact ramifications of this may vary, but wherever souls or demons are concerned, someone might have an interest in protecting their property.


  • Lore: 2
  • Magic (Influence): 4

Influence over mental states, emotions, and mental health.

  • Magic (Air & wind control): 2
  • Persuasion: 1
  • Street Sense: 3
  • Melee Combat: 2
  • Mental Health: 3
  • Mind: 2
  • Physical Health: 2
  • Body: 3


  • The Zafardion
  • Carrying Case
  • Suitcase containing clothes, etcetera
  • Notebook
  • Earplugs

Personal History

Johann is not his real name. A former “normal citizen” of earth, Johann drew a circle of friends at the intersection between “death metal performer” and “functional occult satanist.” The “Corethonic” music scene encompassed both practicing magicians, and those with inherent powers of some sort. In this way, it was a combination of a normal music scene, the Serpent's Hand, and a summoning society, with its own endemic spirituality and variety of potent, unsafe, half-magical drugs. He and the members of his “band” tended to use magic for stage tricks, experimentation, and spirituality, but Johann thought he could do one better. He decided to sell his soul in exchange for an object of power- a musical instrument- that would let him achieve spiritual and musical transcendence and power.

On a rainy winter night, at the bewitching hour, Johann finished a complex pentagram drawn in blood on the floor of his safehouse, blew out the last of the candles, and sought a personal connection with a demon. In the circle before him, a flaming crocodile-headed specter appeared, exchanged a few words, and before leaving him forever, gave him an autoharp.

Shortly after that, the music toxicity began to set in. At this point, Johann was left to consider his questionable life choices up until now.

Because of the toxicity, he couldn't stay with the Corethonic folk anymore, so one of Johann's contacts got him an in to the Library. He's trying to make friends, learn and develop what his instrument- the Zafardion- can do, and find out if there's any way he can cancel the contract on his soul and get a normal life again.