Jim Wilhelm

Name: Jim Wilhelm

Concept: Cheddar Monk

Power: Cheesy Moves

Jim's got the ability to look a few seconds in the future. As such, when he spends a Fate Point, he can add +3 to a roll against either Physical Defense or Gun Combat.


Leap Before You Look: Jim's impulsive, to say the least. He'll jump into a situation, and then go with whatever works, or seems to work.
Asking No Questions: Jim has a tendency to misinterpret things or veer off on his own tangent. He's also one for making his own explanations of things rather than asking.
Shiny!: Jim likes stuff, and is exactly the sort of person who would fall in love with the latest and greatest new thing.


Athletics: 2 (Fair)
Engineering: 3 (Good)
Lore: 1 (Average)
Medical: 1 (Average)
Perception: 1 (Average)
Persuasion: 1 (Average)

Gun Combat: 3 (Good)
Melee: 2 (Fair)

Physical Defense: 3 (Good)
Body: 3
Mental Defense: 2 (Fair)
Mind: 2


Experience Points: Saved: 1 Spent: 0

Glock 17 (Vera), stun baton, Motorola Xoom, decked out gaming laptop, set of micro tools, Swiss army knife, Leatherman, brown leather trench coat, orange knit hat.

Personal History:

Jim works at Best Buy, doing the Geek Squad thing when he's not working on computers for friends or coding for websites. Jim's always had a bit of oddness, though, the tendency to finish someone else's conversations, or ducking at just the right moment. One night, while taking a shortcut back to his car, he sensed something unpleasant around the corner, and stepped through a door… and into a whole new world. He's repeated the trick a few times now, and the Library is a pretty cool place to hang out. Even has wi-fi!