Jennifer Parker


Jennifer "Jenny" Parker


Grad Student Hedge Mage



A young lady in her early twenties, usually seen around the library wearing a brown sweater, huge coke-bottle glasses, with her mousey-brown hair tied up in a bun.


Hedge Magic: Jenny has studied traditional, ritual magic as an academic pursuit for so long that she understands the very basic principles behind it. She has the Spellcasting skill.


Dojikko: Jenny has a tendency to be a bit clumsy, especially when it comes to dropping things here and there.

Keeps to Herself: Due to an incident as a college student where her identity was stolen, Jenny is rather paranoid about giving out her personal information. No one in the library knows much about her: where she lives, her friends, etc. It's also why she hasn't gotten a library card yet.

Blind Without Em: Jenny can't see worth shit without her glasses.

Starving Grad Student: Jenny lives off of cup noodles and energy bars.


XP Used/Total: 0/0

  • Athletics - 2 (She's in decent shape)
  • Foreign Culture - 4 (She knows how to speak multiple languages, and has studied many exotic cultures).
  • Lore - 2 (She knows a bit about the paranormal)
  • Hedge Magic - 2 (She can use magic. She's not very good at it.)
  • Perception - 2 (She's relatively sharp-eyed).
  • Persuasion - 2 (She's spent some time fighting for grant money.)
  • Scholarship - 4 (She's finishing up her Ph.D. in cultural anthropology.)
  • Physical Defense - 1
    • Body - 2
  • Mental Defense - 1
    • Mind - 2


Backpack, containing:

  • Several books and notebooks on various occult topics.
  • Pens and pencils.
  • An iPod Nano with music, mostly Celtic Rock and Spanish Flamenco.
  • Some Clif bars.
  • Two ritual knives (one with a white handle, one with a black wooden handle).

Pocket knife.

Personal History

Jenny Parker was an ordinary grad student studying voodoo and ritual magical practices when she stumbled onto an evil cult performing a ritual to summon a harvest god. That was how she discovered that the "quaint" practices she'd been studying were, in fact, real. Since then, she's approached her studies with a new sense of gusto: after all, it's real!

Since then, she's stumbled her way through the world of the paranormal, somehow managing to survive brush after brush with the dangerously bizarre. Coming across the Wanderer's Library was a boon: Here was the perfect research library for her line of work!

Despite this, she's yet to get a library card: an early incident when her identity was stolen, as a college student, taught her to be careful with her personal information, and her study into grimoires and true names has confirmed this. (In fact, it's fairly clear that "Jenny Parker" is a pseudonym, not her real name). She spends much of her time copying down information into a large number of notebooks she carries with her instead: more time consuming, perhaps, but much safer in the long run.