Janet Henderson


Janet Henderson


Housewife with an eagle eye


Keep it spotless: Mrs. Henderson can innately tell when something is "not right" about something. At home, it means there's fingerprints on the silverware, but here? It can mean anything from spotting evidence at a crime scene to detecting illusions. By spending a fate point, she can get +3 to a roll to detect or identify out-of-place things, or can see something that normal humans wouldn't be able to see period.Thanks to yoric for this.


Well that can't be right: Mrs. Henderson's eagle eyes are as much of a curse as a blessing. If she notices that something is out-of-place, she won't stop noticing it until it gets fixed.
That's nice dear: Mrs. Henderson is good at getting people to open up, but is not actually a very good listener.
Oh look, it's a thing: Mrs. Henderson has a knack for taking unusual or surprising things in stride. She often fails to get adrenaline rushes when she needs them, though.


  • Lore: 2
  • Persuasion: 3
  • Perception: 4
  • Scholarship (Computer Science): 2
  • Engineering: 3
  • Physical Defense: 2
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Body: 2
  • Mind: 2


  • iPhone 4
  • Some modern, pricey laptop.
  • Bleach pen. She leaves her other cleaning supplies at home, but this goes with her.
  • Earrings, wedding band, and necklace.
  • Reasonable variety of clothing.

Personal History

Janet Fox Henderson (born Janet Fox) was born in Bemidji, Minnesota in 1968 and was raised there. She went to the University of Minnesota for Computer Science, and worked for a computer security firm in Minneapolis after earning her Master's Degree in 1996. Her attention to detail and calm nerves made her a valuable employee. In 2004, she married another employee and had a daughter with him. After their second child in 2007, she quit her job to stay with the kids.

In 2011, after moving to a new apartment due to the old one having frequent mold problems, Mrs. Henderson was doing laundry in the basement when she became extremely aware of a non-standard button on a washing machine that other patrons seemed to glance over without a second thought. She pressed it, only to find that the laundry she put in disappeared entirely. She opened it up only to find that, in place of the interior of the machine, there was a door. She entered the door and found the Library. She's been there for a year, and has offered her services to the Serpent's Hand, because they're just nice folks trying to get along.

She has a reputation for being generally pleasant, if somewhat inattentive and a bit "OCD".1


Mrs. Henderson is a female, 5'5" and 44 years old, with dark red hair and brown eyes. She's somewhat on the heavier side, but not to the point where significantly hinders her. She tends to dress modestly, and speaks with a Northern Minnesota accent, donchyaknow.


On her power: Mrs. Henderson is able to detect things that are out of their proper or ideal context. She will notice if an old man has very youthful hands, but not an old man with old hands or young hands on a young man. She won't notice a person carrying a beer at a bar, but she will notice someone carrying a beer at an elementary school. She can also see when things are broken or dirty.

Current XP: 1