James Rollen


James Rollen


Disillusioned War Vet


Telekinesis: James can lift anything that would have been within 'arms reach' with his mind at will. If he spends a fate point, he can extend his reach to anywhere within sight range.

Fate Points: 3


Man at Arms: A veteran of the armed forces.

Mostly 'Armless: James has no arms, and is a bum. He is treated with condescension and derision because of these two things.

In 'Arms Way? James has a tendency to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Mental Defense: Good (3)
Mind: 2
Physical Defense: Good (3)
Body: 2
Lore: Average (1)
Perception: Fair (2)
Street Sense: Fair (2)
Persuasion: Fair (2)
Thievery: Fair (2)
Melee: Good (3) +3
Gun Combat: Fair (2)
Resources: Average (1)


Bag of marbles
Lock Picks
Tattered fatigues
Hand gun (Licensed)
Begging bowl

Personal History

James was a smart kid, top of his class, right into the marines out of high school… Eight years later, both arms were ripped off by some sort of creature that showed up in the middle of the night. He only survived because of the sudden appearance of an un-designated unit.
James was enrolled in an experimental government study, attempting to unlock 'the powers of the mind' For James, it worked, but the study was soon shut down by a team fo men in black. James recognised one of them as one of the men who save him the night he lost his arms, and began seeing the truth. The conspiracy, was everywhere!
After being held in containment for a week, James was freed by the Little Sisters. He chose to make his life on the streets, being his own man, but he's not too proud to use the Library as his main crash space.