Daniel Northcott-Ellington


Daniel Carver Northcott-Ellington


Wealthy Marshall, Carter, and Dark member out for adventure.


Wealth and Taste: Daniel is a member of the plutocracy, and as such has been trained to behave with poise and grace in almost any situation - and when that doesn't work, to sign the checks that make the problem go away. May spend a Fate Point to add +3 to his next Resources or Persuasion roll.


Adrenaline Fiend: Daniel is a man given to passions, and he has a tendency to let his desire to be entertained override his better judgment at times.

Platinum Cardholder: Northcott-Ellington is one of the more privileged members of Marshall, Carter and Dark.

Jaded: Daniel has seen //much// of what Marshall, Carter, and Dark has to offer. Very little can startle him anymore.

You're Hired: Mr. Northcott-Ellington has an understanding with the individuals known as Burke and Hare. A successful Resources check (GM's discretion) may call them to his side to provide assistance.


Foreign Culture: 3 (French, Mandarin, Italian, Greek)
Persuasion: 3
Resources: 4
Lore: 1
Physical Defense: 3
Mental Defense: 3
Gun Combat: 3
Mind: 2
Body: 2


Too numerous to list.

Personal History

Scion of the union of the Northcott and Ellington families of the United Kingdom, Daniel has lived a life of unimaginable privilege from his birth. A hereditary member of the shadowy organization known as Marshall, Carter, and Dark, Daniel found himself spending his youth (and his considerable family resources) on the many entertainments that the organization offers. Having garnered a reputation as something of a dashing rogue and ne'er-do-well in the refined echelons that inhabit said organization, they recently approached him with an offer of almost unlimited adventure: a portal to a world beyond ours. The deal took almost no time at all to settle, and he was shown the way to a Door just a few miles outside of the family estates.