Iris Joseph


Iris Joseph


An enthusiastic extrovert who is a bit socially odd. Craves variety, in people, in relationships, in life, and, well, in colors. Driven and can be intense and obsessive from time to time.

Fragment of a dead capital-G God from another world (universe?) who died eons ago on Earth; embodies that God's Aspect of Color. She has embraced and cultivated her Aspect enough that she can alter colors on herself or elsewhere in insignificant ways, or in significant ways with a lot of effort (and fate points).


Alter Color: (Sorcery) By spending a Fate Point, Iris can make use of the Magic skill to create complex color-based illusions or significantly alter something's colors.


Raise the Colors: When stressed or feeling threatened, Iris instinctively defends herself by warping or altering the colors around her. While this is useful in situations where something's trying to hit her and she suddenly becomes painful to even look at, it's less so when she's in a stressful social situation and it goes off. Or worse, if her friends are in a dangerous situation and suddenly everything looks like a lava lamp exploded.

Chasing Rainbows: Iris is a colorful, passionate person. She's got a very sharp mind, and an optimism and ambitious drive that occasionally takes her a bit too far. Although she means well, sometimes Iris's tendency to get obsessive tunnel-vision means she accidentally knocks the hornet's nest. Particularly when it has to do with her goals… and especially her goals relating to her Aspect. Additionally, her interest in her incarnated Aspect can lead her to either perceive occasional small things that others might miss, …or, to be blunt, lead her to be distracted by the pretty colors. (Or just plain interesting colors.) This can be as small as something visual, or as big as an entire plan with a key flaw that she might either notice, miss… or introduce.

Ancient Beyond Reckoning: Iris Joseph is but one fragment of a deity whose name is lost to time. Others like her exist throughout this world and possibly others - and they all seem to recognize each other, instinctively and consciously. Other magical beings can sense something unique about these fragments, but pinpointing exactly what is a more difficult endeavor. As the incarnation of Color, she has taken up the quest of finding the others and bringing them together.


  • Lore: 3
  • Magic: 4
  • Perception: 4
  • Persuasion: 3
  • Scholarship: (B.A. in Anthropology) 1
  • Sneak: 3
  • Mind: 2
  • Body: 2
  • Physical Defense: 1
  • Mental Defense: 1


Iris is prepared for her first Library visit. In fact, she's over-prepared. She has a couple cameras, a cell phone, a laptop, and a whole lot of extra batteries for all of those electronics. As well as a lot of notebooks, pens, and pencils. Plus even a few provisions. Many of these things are unnecessary (she didn't anticipate Wifi or power outlets), but she doesn't know that prior to her arrival at the Library.

Personal History

Long ago, a God died on Earth. It was trapped there, Its aspects latching (mostly) onto humans and surviving in this way through the eons, possibly to one day reincarnate in full. Iris is the current incarnation of Its Aspect of Color.

Iris was an adopted child. Her birth parents are unknown and in all likelihood incredibly ordinary. She was recognized by another Aspect, who arranged for her to be adopted by two ex-members of the Serpent's Hand. This Aspect became her godmother and helped raise her. Through that time, she never revealed the nature of her own Aspect and discouraged Iris from pursuing her divine element and encouraged her to focus on her human side.

Iris didn't listen.

Iris learned of the Library as a child, and has devoted much of her time and energy since into trying to gain entrance. Even her Bachelor's degree in Anthropology was related to the study of magic and ritual. She's also devoted plenty of her time to trying to find out more about the dead God that she is a part of, and trying to find other fellow Aspects. There are dozens of other Aspects somewhere in the world, but so far, besides her godmother, she has met exactly one: the man she is accompanying to the Library.

For better or for worse, she would like to find more.


Iris: Medium height. Early thirties. African-American. Brown eyes. A whole lot of tightly curled hair, half of which is black and half of which is multi-colored. A strand or two of rainbow color crawls across her skin, overwriting the natural color where it passes; more strands appear if she's excited or stressed. (She suppresses this outside the Library.) Besides that, she looks bookish and a little bit awkward, gawky. She's carrying around an enormous backpack. Plus a whole bunch of, well, books.