Welcome to the Serpent's Hand, the Role Playing section for the Wanderers' Library. Hopefully we can create some memorable stories here. But there are some things you must remember. First of all, the tone for games here is somewhat different from the tone of Active Duty. While it's technically the same universe, things here have a very different tone. The theme here is Wonder and Exploration, rather than Horror.

As well, the members of the Serpent's Hand are a bit different from Foundation agents. What sets them apart are their abilties and knowledge. To the Foundation, these people are anomalies, weird creatures that are set apart from humanity. The members of the Hand think otherwise.

You're one of these special individuals. Perhaps you have a Power. Perhaps you simply know more than the next guy. You've banded together with others like you for protection and survival. How will you handle this situation? Press on and find out.