Ian Days


Ian Days




Clairvoyance: Ian may spend a Fate Point to see another location for a very brief time. He cannot see into a different world than he is currently located; e.g. he cannot see Earth from the Library, or the Library from Earth.


Everyone's Different: Ian's of the mind that a person is a person, no matter what they look like or what they can do. He doesn't treat people differently because of their appearance; then again, he can be a bit TOO accepting sometimes.
Didn't Need To See That: Ian tends to rely on his Power too much. He's liable to look places where he shouldn't; his Power can backfire on him, if he sees the wrong thing or aims it wrong.
Far Sighted: While using his Power, Ian cannot see or hear what's going on around him. He's also developed a habit of missing key details closeby, while focusing on things and events far away. This can be an issue sometimes.


  • Athletics: 3
  • Throwing: 1
  • Medical: 2
  • Street Sense: 2
  • Sneak: 1
  • Perception: 3
  • Lore: 2
  • P.Def: 2
  • M.Def: 2
  • Body: 3
  • Mind: 3
  • XP: 2


He carries a messenger bag or backpack everywhere.

  • Library Card
  • Kindle
  • Folding pocket knives
  • Deck of playing cards
  • Nintendo DS
  • Laptop
  • Passport

Personal History

Ian grew up in a small town as an only child. In his teen years he discovered he was able to see around corners; he's trained his power to be able to see far distances since. One day while he was exploring his town, he discovered a man fleeing the Foundation in a small theatre. He watched the man knock on a door behind a restaurant in the strangest way, disappearing inside; he also saw the Foundation extract a strange machine from a theatre. Amazed that the MiB actually existed, he followed them using his Power to one of their Sites, and realized that if they discovered him, he could be taken away as well.

With this, he packed up and told his parents that he was going off to travel the world. He went through the same Door that the man went through, with the same Knock, and discovered the Library.