Howl-For-Sorrow the Unrepentant plus whatever random but impressive series of titles I feel like giving him at the moment.


Otherworld warrior monk.


Berserker: Howl has a single physical defense and health stat that decreases with damage. Every point lost to it is added to his melee skill until the end of combat. Once per combat, howl can ignore a hit to not take damage.


Thorn in my side: Under the bandages that comprise his "skin", howl is wrapped in blessed rose vines that constrict in the presence of danger, pricking his flesh as a warning and dulling his response to pain.
No one expects the M'arlian inquisition!: Howl is bound by his faith to put a stop to activities his order sees as wrong. No matter what.
Heretic pride: Because he is "Unrepentant", any member of howl's order he encounters is bound to kill him.
Can't see the forest or the trees: Howl is blatantly unobservant.


  • Defense: 4
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Mind: 4
  • Melee: 4
  • Atheletics: 4
  • Thrown weapons: 4
  • Lore: 1

4 1


Howl wears a sheathed weapon at his waist, and a kilt and cloak made from his own flayed skin.

Personal History

As part of his training as a warrior eunich of a mad god from another universe, Howl-For-Sorrow was ritually flayed of his skin, and his exposed muscle was wrapped in layers of blessed thorns, salted bandages, and crude scrap metal armor. The healing process bound it to his flesh, making it essentially his skin. When danger nears, the thorns constrict, cutting into his muscle, causing a flow of adrenalin and endorphins that numbs his body to the pain of wounds. In the past, this served him well as he fought and killed at the high priest of his order's discretion, never questioning.

However, when ordered to kill a 'heretic' infant, Howl found himself incapable of completing the grisly task. He fled, and was declared "Unrepentant", the term for a rogue warrior priest. He firmly believes that the order to kill the baby was a simple ecclesiastical mistake, and that any time now his order will welcome him back into the fold, and continues to strive to fulfil his duties until that day comes. It never will.

He has taken a holy oath to kill Nathaniel Baird.