Hiram And Adelle


Hiram and Adelle


Inseparable Siblings


Hiram – Spotlight: For a fate point, Hiram may roll his persuasion skill against the opponent’s mental defense. Should he win, they will focus their attention on him, allowing other characters to move unhindered.

Adelle – Distraction: For a fate point, Adelle may roll her sneak skill against the opponent’s perception. Should she win, the opponent loses their action for that round and loses focus on her.


Separation Anxiety
When they are separated, Hiram and Adelle suffer from acute anxiety. They will do anything to get back together.

Street Rats
Hiram and Adelle grew up in a poor city with only each other to rely on. They know how to take care of themselves on the streets, and feel a certain kinship with others of their kind.

Temporary - Stone Soup
For a fate point, Hiram and Adelle may recall the story and the blessing of Mister Porter, as well as his tasty gumbo, and get an automatic (+,+,+,0) on a Mental Defense roll.

Hiram - Inveterate Charmer
Hiram has a way with words and a winning smile. People are naturally drawn to him, much to Adelle’s irritation. Of course, he also has problems with honesty and trust.

Adelle - Shrinking Violet
Adelle is good at hiding. Remarkably good at hiding. Hiram sometimes has trouble getting her to stop. She’s extremely shy and easily frightened, but very good at not being found.



  • Physical Defense: 1
  • Body: 2
  • Mental Defense: 1
  • Mind: 2
  • Lore: 1
  • Athletics: 3


  • Persuasion: 4
  • Street Sense: 3
  • Hair: 7


  • Sneak: 4
  • Perception: 3
  • Hairstyling 5


Personal History

Hiram is a twenty-four year old man whose mother was a prostitute and whose father is unknown. His sister Adelle is a thirteen year old girl from the same mother, whose father is known but wanted nothing to do with her. Several months into his mother’s second pregnancy, Hiram began to experience fragmented feelings and thoughts that were not his own. When his sister Adelle was born, Hiram matched her first cry with one of his own. Their mother died giving birth to her. After being bounced through foster homes for six years, Hiram simply left with his sister in tow, eking out a living on the streets in order to take care of them both. They found the library after their perhaps slightly dishonest methods of eking out a living brought unwanted attention, and a friend with connections to The Serpent’s Hand offered them a door to somewhere new.
Hiram tends to do all the talking, and Adelle rarely speaks to anyone but him. Hiram has a silver tongue, while Adelle prefers to stay unseen.
Hiram and Adelle experience many things simultaneously. If one is wounded, so is the other. If one is healed, so is the other. They also share emotions, though not completely, and can communicate with each other nonverbally in times of extreme duress.

Unused XP: 2
XP Counter: 2