Lore: 1

Mental Health: 2

Physical Health: 3

Physical Defence: 4

Runic Knowledge: 4

Melee Attack: 4

Athletics: 3

Mental Defence: 3


Runic Knowledge: Hammer is adept at Runic lore, and working with Runes. Hammer can spend a fate point, and write a rune on something, giving it a certain aspect. What exactly the aspect is is up to the GM, although it must relate in some way to the Runes that are written. He can also spend a fate point to bind physical entities, or two fate points to bind spiritual enemies.


Judgement!: Hammer is a Grand High Inquisitor of The Throne, and his duty is to dispense judgment on all found to lacking in the eyes of the Throne.

Hate!: Certain strong emotional feelings come with being Grand Inquisitor. First among those is a hatred for the spyrit and the automata.

A sense of otherness: The magic that infuses Hammer's world ensures that he is fundamentally different. The most obvious way this manifests is in his language, which evokes instant imagery, but he is strange in other ways as well.

Equipment: Runic Armor and Weapons. Robes. Various tools, scrolls, and equipment.