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Friends! Librarians! Flibbertigibbets! Lend me your ears!

As you've probably noticed (assuming you haven't been in a coma, likely due to a knock on your head by your identical twin lobster, oh, how do the writers come up with these things season-after-season), I haven't been around much. This is due to an ever increasing workload on my part, as my expanding global dominion keeps increasing the amount of hours I spend directing peons. Rest at ease, however, as new and improved acceptable if less awesomely-mustached administration will be stepping up to make your gameplay easy and painful.

I will be remaining as head adminstrator, however until further notice:

  • Crackles will de-facto head administrator
  • Bouncl and Pooryoric will also be promoted to admin, one step below her.
  • Nioki and Dexanote will be promoted to moderators.

Until my return, faithful servants, I leave you in their care. Go forth and play!

Announcement by DrEverettMannDrEverettMann, 19 Feb 2013 02:09

Invent A HARMLESS Hallucinogen That Only Ghosts Can Use

A New Sticky Note by RagazzoRagazzo, 01 Jul 2011 05:43

A note attached to the above one:

DON'T DO IT. Because I think this at least merits a forum post. Azikin logs here.

Re: Plotlines! by RagazzoRagazzo, 30 Jun 2011 16:31

I'd say that I'd try to support less unlimited carnage in my next Bultungin run, but part two was supposed to be combat-based anyways, so now I just have to be ready for things to get *reallly* insane.

disregard and mock me at every opportunity

Re: A List Found On Dusty's Fridge by (account deleted), 24 Jun 2011 23:55

Well, I'm pretty interested in finding out what the deal with that amulet of dusty's is. :P And more about those vampire 'friends' of todd's.

Re: Learning from Mistakes. by RagazzoRagazzo, 24 Jun 2011 19:41

All right, then. Last night I tried to do my Yeti run, and I was excited by it. I had things set up, interesting interactions, and it was going to be cool. So I thought.

Unfortunately, it didn't work out as cool as I would have liked, because I was being too subtle. The evening dragged on, and unfortunately it became a wash where I saw no choice but to do a Deus Ex Machina to prevent a total party kill. So, I wiped that as if it had never happened, and I might revisit the idea in time, once I come up with a different twist.

So this is where I ask you guys what you're interested in, both plotwise, and how I can tailor my runs better so they'll fit in. I'm not going to cry, pout, or anything like that. I want to learn from it and fix it, so that we can all have fun.

Okay, then… I'm linking this to the channel topic, and we'll see what we end up with.

Learning from Mistakes. by MisterFlamesMisterFlames, 24 Jun 2011 09:23


Remember to eat!
Take a shower
Drop off stuff for Betty on Tuesday
Be cool

-Love, Ana

Children, the having of
Go To Mars ((I knew I'd do this some day))
Eternal Fire.
Solution to Quench Eternal Fire.
Material Capable of Smothering Eternal Fire.
A small Sun, or other self sustaining source of energy.
Immortality/Philosopher's Stone.
Get Soul Back. [Important!]
Burn Down Jessie Cartwright's Everything.
Arrange a nice picnic with Andra.
Talk To Andra About Finding A Nice Boy.
Warn Andra About Seductive Serial Killers Spoke with Ana, decided this probably won't be necessary.
Give Diamonds/Other Valuable Minerals For The Families of Those People Whose Death I Caused.
See If I can create replacement bodies/move a person from one body to another.
Create An Amalgamate Of Elements Found in The Periodic Table.
Experiment With Said Amalgamate.
Learn How To Fireproof Paper.
Write A Book With My Discoveries, And Formulas.

A List Found On Dusty's Fridge by RagazzoRagazzo, 23 Jun 2011 23:12

Deer diary,

Yesterday I takuld sheekoekoo wile he was beeing chased by mister oree. heer is a picshur of oree chasing sheekoekoo in the liebraery:


PS I added in sumthing extra can yoo find it??

Re: Gem's Secret Diary by Salman CorbetteSalman Corbette, 23 Jun 2011 07:19

Deer diary,

I just finushed reeding a book about dinosaurs! They are sooo cool! I am also angry at Heeram becuz he called me a kid but i am not a kid. Here is a picshur of Heeram being eaten by a velociraptor:

Re: Gem's Secret Diary by Salman CorbetteSalman Corbette, 14 Jun 2011 02:00

BULTUNGIN: PART ONE has concluded, a brief summary follows.

The SH received a note pleading for help, and went to rescue a man who was hiding in an office building. They encountered another group looking for the same man, apparently consisting of were-hyenas, who claimed that he stole something from them. Fight ensued, people got killed, Azi made a new friend. And by friend, I mean predator buddy.

The man, Timothy Tenn, a mild precognitive, revealed that he had assisted in the kidnapping of a child without realizing it, and that the Huntington Family was after him for it. The child is the grandaughter of the Huntington Family head, Esme Huntington.

An E-mail was sent to Esme's office, and her daughter answered. She'll be meeting up with folks shortly…


Re: Plotlines! by agatharightsagatharights, 13 Jun 2011 17:21

Dear Eye Are Confused,

Well, first things first, take a deep breath and calm down! While we all love the fluster of liking someone, when people get out of serious relationships they tend to be in a sort of tricky gray area. I think, with time you can tell if you really like him, or if it really was just the drinks (and we have all been there, before :P). Until he gives you a clear signal that he's ready to move on, tread carefully, and try to enjoy going slowly and dropping hints until he picks them up. Good luck!


Uh hi! I don't know if you still do this but it's worth a try! I think I might like this guy. I don't know though, might have been something I drank. I've heard, though, that he just got out of a pretty serious relationship…I don't know. What do I do? I'm usually like, really chill with this kinda thing, but this is getting me all flustered!

From Eye are confused!

Deer diary,

Today i fownd yoo lying on the grown and i thawt i would rite a diary. i hope mr. sadler or ms. ana shows me how to rite so i can rite better.

i like the liebraery. it is very big. mister shank is very scary. i drew a pikshur of him.

Gem's Secret Diary by Salman CorbetteSalman Corbette, 01 Jun 2011 01:36
Re: XXX Ending: by RagazzoRagazzo, 21 May 2011 17:52

For those of you who missed the Resurrection: Click on this elegantly crafted link

Re: XXX Ending: by MisterFlamesMisterFlames, 21 May 2011 01:20

13:37 Ragazzo Dusty "Hare's an undead, so yeah, no babies…"
13:37 Rights Epic troll: Dusty rez's HAre, turns out Hare's pregnant
13:37 Rights lolface
13:37 Ragazzo FFFU-
13:37 Ragazzo Two zombies for one!
13:37 Ragazzo trollface
13:38 Rights WORST ENDING

Re: XXX Ending: by agatharightsagatharights, 20 May 2011 18:38
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