Dustin "Dusty" Cole


Dustin "Dusty" Cole.


Asthmatic 'Alchemist'


Alchemy: Dusty can craft potions, and use transmutation.

Potions, which includes bombs, must be prepared before actually going on a run, or piece of plot. Potions/bombs do not require rolls, but cost a fate point. They can be used by Dusty or, allies. The user will receive a temporary aspect bestowing a boost that depends and/or may vary on the potion, and the GM.

Transmutation can be used at any time, and also cost fate points. For example, Dusty might turn a wrought-iron fence into a passable sword. Not a great one, but something that can be used in a pinch. Transmutation requires time. At least a few minutes.


No, it will work, it has to work. Dustin doesn't accept failure well.
Is that a lighter? Wai-fwoosh Dustin is more flammable than your average person and frequently causes explosions, not always on accident either.
Anyone seen my inhaler? Dusty doesn't have the best stamina thanks to the fumes, and coal dust, he's inhaled over the years.
Razor lover At any time he likes, he can call Hare.
Federal Witness Dusty is a member of the Federal Witness program, and is being watched by the UIU. On the plus side, they are providing him money, and various amenities.
Super Freak Dusty has grown comfortable enough with Hare's 'preferences' that he shares them.

Fate Points: 5


  • Physical Defense: 3
  • Mental Defense: 3
  • Body: 3
  • Mind: 2
  • Lore: 3
  • Magic (Alchemy): 5
  • Scholarship (Chemistry): 5
  • Perception: 3
  • Saved XP points: 2
  • Used XP points: 12


Coal, oh god so much coal. Other chemicals too.

Chalk. Nice, cool, hard to burn chalk.

Matches. They never spark when you drop them causing painful burns unlike stupid lighters.

Purification tincture.

Clothes that smell of coal and chemicals.

Dusty's iPhone's got quite a few contact numbers on it for reaching who is who in the Hand. Guerrilla Charlie, in particular. Depending on the will of the GM, you can use those contacts to get a bit of help.

A pot filled with soil from the True Forest.

A Dianae Seed

Weird metals from a pirate ship.

Bitching Zombie Pirate Captain Hat

One Gold Doubloon

Old Wood Carving

Personal History

'Dusty' once had a promising life ahead of him. Then, a few weeks before his graduation ceremony from college, he discovered what would become the basis of his 'alchemy'. On the one hand, his discovery led to him accidentally burning down most of his dorms. He felt bad about that but at least no one died, probably. On the other hand he didn't have to sit through a boring ceremony, and he got to practice his new profession quite a bit during his brief stint in jail. Dusty is a quiet kind of guy, but can get very intense about proving the worth of his alchemy. Not quite to "They laughed! But they'll see! They'll all see!" levels but… still pretty up there. Other than that he's a pretty mellow fellow. Oh and he tends to be ready to haul ass at any moment in case of sudden, unexpected explosions or fires. Supports him self through 'over there in the alley behind the building the counter is in' trading. They're not drugs, they're remedies. Perfectly safe. Dusty bears three thin scars, one on his face, one on his abdomen, and one along his spine. 32 years old.

Alchemical Successes


Properties of the Blood.

An alchemical formulation that when consumed or fed intravenously, turns into human blood suitable for the donor. For a vampire, it's better than human, for a transfusion, it's just like the recipient's blood. As such, it does not need refrigeration. Dusty can store it at room temperature indefinitely. Also, the Blood can be used in the field as something to influence a Medical or Healing roll… but that's tagging an Aspect, and as such requires a Fate Point.