Doctopus (Real Name Unpronounceable By The Human Tongue)


Invertebrate professor emeritus.


Telepathy: The Doctopus can make a mental attack using the appropriate skill by spending a fate point. He can also passively project thoughts, or read them by spending another fate point and rolling vs someone's mental defense.


Blue and Splurble Morality: Unlike you simians, the Doctopus is from an entirely different culture. This has the effect of giving him an observer's perspective on events, while simultaneously clouding his judgement somewhat in a social situation.
AAAAH! IT'S ATTACKING!: Being a DAMN huge mollusc based life form, the Doctopus inspires fear and terror by those who do not know him. On the other hand, being a damn huge mollusc based life form means he can end that terror extremely quickly.
Dexterous and Sucker Filled: The Doctopus lacks hands. While tentacles can make up for it, he has a certain trouble with technology made by humans.


  • Lore: 2
  • Body: 4
  • Mind: 4
  • Melee Attack: 3
  • Physical Defense: 2
  • Mental Defense: 2
  • Scholarship (Anthropology): 1
  • Telepathy: 4
  • Stealth: 2



Personal History

Once upon a time, in a distant ocean, there was a door. The coral grew around it, and the inhabitants of the city who lived near it paid it no attention. They did not have such things, and did not realize it's meaning. The coral grew high, and the life flourished and was as plentiful as the deep kelp which nourished it, and all was good. And then one day, a young being found the door, and looking at it, grew curious. His tentacles probed the wood, unknown to him, and he marveled at it's consistency. He visited it many times over the course of his life. It became a small spot of peace and contemplation in the middle of a crowded ocean. On one such visit, he was surprised by a sudden rockfall from above. Fear overwhelming his self control, he loosed a mighty cloud of ink and cowered near the door. The rocks missed him, but something had happened. The door stood open.

His immediate response was to inform a local professor for whom he had been doing undergraduate work. The professor notified the college, the college notified the government, and the young being was praised for his discovery. Exploratory teams were sent through, and discovered the place on the other side of the door was full of light and air, but no water. Technologies were devised to overcome this fault, and much knowledge was gained. The young being grew older, and achieve tenure at the same college he had studied at. Still curious about the door, he petitioned to be allowed to do some field work in the universe beyond it, and was granted the honor of studying the creatures on the other side. Armed with a device to freshen some of the water of his ocean, he stepped through the door, that he might learn the secrets that lay beyond…