+++ Name

CYBernetic Integrating Learner - CYBIL

+++ Concept

Discontinued Robot/Cyborg/Android thing

+++ Power

Droidapedia - It's a frickin' robot. With a damn gigantic database for a brain and some of the latest photosensitive technology, CYBIL can not only see through the darkest nights but also pick up anything in its view and learn encyclopedic knowledge on it. +3 for scholarship and perception.

+++ Aspects

If I Only Had a Heart - CYBIL is programmed to learn off of humans so it can interact in a better manner. Unfortunately its morality software is a tad bit primitive.

Resistance is Futile - But that also means it's a bit more free from guilt than others.

Low pooowweee- - CYBIL's battery has an approximate lifespan of 36 and a half hours, taking an hour charge. It also has an emergency battery that lasts approximately 3 hours, but CYBIL must go into power-save mode. No running, no advanced computations, no feats of strength.

Man of iron

Technologic - If CYBIL is hurt it is repaired through the engineering skill instead of the medical skill.

—+++ Skills

  • Physical Defense: 3
  • Engineering: 2
  • Melee Attack: 2
  • Mental Defense: 2

—* Body: 2

  • Mind: 2

—* Scholarship: 3

  • Perception: 3
  • Athletics: 2
  • Survival: 2

* Lore: 1

+++ Possessions

- A small, tattered document stating CYBIL's date of manufacturing, factory of origin, and serial number

+++ Personal History

CYBIL was originally designed by Prometheus Labs as the ultimate home assistant. With its synthetic skin, metal innards, and long battery life, it was the first step into home robotics. Not only that, but it came pre-installed with sympathetic and learning programming, allowing it to develop into being more emotional. However, during initial release, it was discovered that CYBIL would go above-and-beyond its programming to injure other human beings in defense of its owner. Although initially this was thought to be fixed, CYBIL's poorly made morality chip put no block on the extent CYBIL could go, and so in early production CYBIL was discontinued.

This specific CYBIL model was still active when it was thrown out. Having gained feelings of survival from its previous few testings, it found itself wandering away into the world of the homeless. There it picked up feelings of depression, insanity, and anger from other vagrants along the streets. CYBIL was quite miserable by the time the Serpent's Hand found him.

CYBIL was destroyed in an encounter with the invisible dancers of the odd house.

CYBIL's head before its placement on a body