Craol Softbeak


Professor Craol Softbeak, PhD


An absent-minded professor of anthroornithology who happens to be a skeletal owlman




Bad to the Bone: Being animate skeletal remains has its perks and its flaws. On one hand, Craol can't feel pain and can collapse at a moment's notice. On the other, he's light as feather (no pun intended) and can no longer fly.

Learning is Not Just a Flight of Fancy: Craol Softbeak is a professor of ornithology, but no ordinary ornithology. He studies the lifestyles and cultures of the humanoid birdpeople that inhabit his homeworld. In spite of this, his curiosity regarding other (mostly bird) cultures cannot be satiated, and his life's (or death's) mission is to learn as much as possible. This interest may even distract him from more pressing issues at hand.

Life is for the Birds: Craol has moved on from the world of the living to reach a zen state of contentedness with his death. That being said, his regard for life not pertinent to his studies tends to be rather slim, unless he's developed some kind of sentimental attachment.


  • Lore: 1 (Average)
  • Athletics: 3 (Good)
  • Perception: 2 (Fair)
  • Medical: 1 (Average)
  • Foreign Culture: 4 (Great) (Owlish, Cranian, Peackockese, English, Latin, Sparrow, Ostrich, and Penguin)
  • Scholarship: 4 (Great) (Cultural Ornithology/Anthropology)
  • Melee Attack: 1 (Average)
  • Physical Defense: 2 (Fair)
  • Mental Defense: 2 (Fair)
  • Body: 2
  • Mind: 2


- A cloak
- A quill and ink
- A pair of spectacles that are no longer required but worn for sentimentality's sake

Personal History

Craol Softbeak gained his doctorate from Red Talon University with much esteem in his field, and became a professor of ornithology at Grand Mesa College. He worked there for a number of years until he was asked to go on an expedition to the far off Phoenix Tribe of Western Nalania. He studied the Phoenixes for several years, until he was chosen for a ritual sacrifice and dispatched. This proved to be somewhat inconvenient towards his studies, and so after decades of decay Craol Softbeak returned to his body to continue his work. Unfortunately, it was rather difficult for skeletons to pick up work in the ornothological field without having owlmen running around screaming. Distraught, he found his way to the Library.