Craig Cael


Craig Cael


Former man of wealth and taste, now brings the dead to life for a nominal fee.


Gravedigger: For the cost of a fate point and upon passing a Magic DC (DC is up to GM, varying on the strength and age of the corpse) , Craig may animate a deceased NPC, PC, or already dead humanoid or animal corpse. Craig can order the reanimated about, and will answer questions about their lives. Corpses reanimated in this way, however, have no free will, cannot think logically, and have the following stats:

Melee Attack: 4
Athletics: 4

Physical Defense: 4

Body: 3
Mind: 1

Lore: N/A

A successful mental attack against a corpse reanimated by Craig checks his Mental Defense against the attack. If successful, the corpse is instantly destroyed. A corpse reanimated by Craig is destroyed at the end of a Scene or at a GM's discretion, unless stored in his coffin. After activating his Power, Craig cannot attack or defend until the next round of combat.


Comfort Mortis: Craig is well-versed in the ways of death and decay. Partly because it's a bit hard to study Necromancy without getting a bit dirty, partly because he lives in a graveyard now. For these reasons, he's rather unbothered by the stench and decay of the dead, and more perceptive characters might note he smells a bit like dirt.

Pecuniaphile: Craig's loss of his family's fortunate and (underground) status has made him somewhat money hungry. Good luck getting him to do something for free.

Nam Diabolus in Conspectu: Craig doesn't tend to attract attention in public and crowded places, a skill he mastered while keeping away from the Insurgency. People don't tend to notice him in sufficiently populated areas, their eyes and brains seemingly just registering him as 'that guy.'


Magic (Necromancy): 4
Perception: 3
Athletics: 2
Persuasion: 2
Gun Combat: 1
Scholarship (Finance): 1

Physical Defense: 1
Mental Defense: 3

Body: 2
Mind: 2

Lore: 3


MasterCard Black (currently deactivated)
A wooden and black coffin, usually chained shut and painted with a silver cross
A wallet with an Ohio driver license and 126 USD

Personal History

Once upon a time…

Raised in the old American Cael family, Craig quickly learned to deal with the weird and insane. His family has been a supplier of services and items to Marshall, Carter and Dark Ltd since the 1700's. Fascinated with the occult and the paranormal, one day Craig made a stop at one of the local bookstores and purchased a 'Tome of Magick' on a whim. He promptly forgot about it, until his father was killed in an attempt to retrieve an item desired by MC&D from the Chaos Insurgency. After a day of suppressing tears at his father's funeral, and with death on his mind, he returned home, only to find the old book he purchased long ago almost staring at him from his bookshelf.

He walked over, in a daze, and found himself looking down at a chapter called 'Of Shadows and Death' – a chapter which disturbingly detailed a process to bind a dead body to his will. He read, enthralled, until a black idea formed in his head…

Soon after, Craig drove down to the funeral house, book in hand. And the rest? You'll just have to ask.

"That'll be fifty United States Dollars, sir. Magic isn't cheap."