Ultraviolent animate British quincy punk scarecrow.


F*cking Psycho: At the cost of one Fate point, Chainshank may ignore the most recent point of damage he has been dealt.


A Straw Man: Chainshank’s a scarecrow. He can repair himself easily, but he’s quite flammable and very light.

Harvesterman: Chainshank collects human body parts. Eyes are a favourite. He keeps them in a pouch in his chest.

Agriculture Goes Oi!: Chainshank’s professional skill in standing in fields just gives him more time to delve into his subculture. He is extremely fond of sparsely settled, fairly open, rural areas, and is a bit farsighted to aid his watch. Also has an irrational, undying, deeply-rooted, cripplingly extreme loathing of crows and other corvids.


  • Phys Def: 2 Fair
  • Body: 3 Good
  • M. Def: 1 Average
  • Mind: 2 Fair
  • Melee: 4 Great
  • Lore: 1 Average
  • Athletics: 3 Good
  • Medical: 3 Good
  • Perception: 2 Fair
  • Intimidation(Persuasion): 2 Fair
  • XP: 3



He made himself a knife while he was inflammable.

Personal History

One windy October day, a bunch of stupid teenagers thought to themselves, “Hey, let’s do a demonic summoning ritual! We have no idea what we’re doing!”

They put a set of chains around some sticks, and put this skeleton in some farm clothes. They put a pumpkin where the head should be, drew a circle, smoked weed, lit candles, played Good Charlotte, smoked some more weed, poured chicken blood on the skeleton, and prayed to Imhotep.

A bolt of lightning struck the house, reaching into the foul hotbox ritual, and awakening the new demon. He killed the boys, and wandered around for a while before finding himself in a Hallowe’en rave. So begins the story of Chainshank.