Cassius LaFontaine


Cassius LaFontaine


Resplendent Rhythmancer


Dance Epidemic: For one Fate Point, LaFontaine may instigate a Dance Epidemic. All sentient creatures capable of dance in the area must make a Mental Defense check against Cassius' Art (Dance) skill. Failure on the roll means that the sufferer of the Dance Epidemic must only act through dance - they cannot act without first passing a DC 3 Athletics check.


Dance Dance Revolutionary: Led a waltz so passionate that it ended with a regicide. Regardless if this claim is true or not, his steps have soul.
Every Day I'm Shuffling: Just does *not* stop dancing. Whether ore not the situation calls for it, advises it, or desperately fights against it.
Amplification Proclamation: Knows just what to say to turn on the dancing machine in people.


  • Art(Dance): 4
  • Athletics: 4
  • Persuasion: 3
  • Physical Defense: 4
  • Body: 4
  • Mental Defense: 0
  • Mental Health: 4


Many ensembles, appropriate for many kinds of dance.

Personal History

Conception? Normal. Birth? Normal. Pre-School? Normal. Elementary School? Normal. Middle School Dance? The birth of a /king/. From that day on, Cassius LaFontaine lived a charmed life. He wooed women, befriended men, took conga lines to class, had his graduating class from high school break into a swing dance after tossing his cap in the air. After high school, he took off, hiring himself out as a background dancer to celebrities everywhere. Then one day, while doing a particularly enthusiastic Kid N' Play shuffle on his way through the door of his hotel room, he fell into the library. He mazurka'd forward, and never looked back. He has since taken to exploring new worlds through the library, but still uses the power of his dance to make himself welcome where ever it is he foxtrots.