Billy Schitz


Billy Schitz


Medicated Psychic


The Voices are Real: By spending a Fate Point, Billy can add +2 to Lore or Sense Motive. Alternately, he can spend one Fate Point to use Lore to gain information on mundane people. At the DM's discretion, he can learn other information that might be pertinent or interesting.


On Crazy Pills
GOC's Most Wanted
Let My People Go


  • Lore: Great +4
  • Perception: Fair +2
  • Street Sense: Fair +2
  • Sneak: Great +4
  • Melee: Fair +2
  • Defense: Good +3
  • Body: Good +3
  • Mental Defense: Fair +2
  • Mind: Fair +2


Anti-psychotics, a pen and paper

Personal History

When Billy's Power manifested, he didn't realize it at first. He'd been hearing voices for a long time, and it took him time to figure out that some of them were telling him real things. He soon learned that the medication didn't block those voices. His powers led him into the paranormal world, and soon he encountered the GOC. Billy was one of the fortunate ones. He escaped.

Billy found shelter in the Wanderers' Library, a haven for others with unusual powers and abilities. He became a member of the Serpent's Hand. He had to. He wasn't going to be able to survive on his own for long. However, with their help, he's managed to stay out of the GOC's hands for years.

These days, he's used a series of stock market predictions to keep himself fairly comfortable, and able to spend the majority of his time inside the Library, where he greets new people, showing them that they're not alone.