Partial Shapeshifter


Shapeshifter: For the cost of one fate point, Azi may move up to two points from one physical skill to another, lasting for the duration of the run. Can be used multiple times in an encounter, but no more than once with a given skill.

Fate Points: 7


Artistic - Azi is a skilled and dedicated artist. He is proficient in many different mediums, his favorite being paint.
Keen Senses - Azi has the senses of a predator, far outclassing the average human. However, this makes him vulnerable to things that assault the senses such as loud and discordant noises, extremely foul odors, and sudden changes in lighting.
Moral Code - Azi operates on his own moral code. He is unwilling to kill someone he considers innocent, but compelled to kill someone he considers a monster.
Desired Things - Don't mess with Desiderata. You'll be messing with the power of love, and also a pair of very, very dangerous people.
Temporary Aspect - Murmur's Gift Force a (0, 0, +, +) for a physical or mental defense roll.

The Power of Love - Azi can tag this for an automatic [+, +, +, 0] on any roll when Desiderata is in the area. May be used once per day.


  • Lore: Average (1)
  • Athletics: Great (4)
  • Perception Superb (5)
  • Skill (Art) Superb (5)
  • Melee Attack Great (4)
  • Physical Defense Great(4)
  • Body Good (3)
  • Mental Defense Average(1)
  • Mind Fair (2)

Unused XP: 2
XP Counter: 22


Painting supplies - paints, brushes, paper, canvas.
Toy Tin Soldier
Incredible Brushes
Silver Medallion from Sizzle and Blink's Pandimensional Circus
Beef Jerky. So Much Beef Jerky.

Personal History

Azi-Nommo-Ahi is a vaguely reptilian boy capable, in a limited manner, of changing his form. He is an extremely skilled and devoted artist. He is eleven years old, and shows no signs of aging. Azi is an obligate carnivore, and becomes extremely sick if he ingests most any plant matter.
Azi was found in the library while he was still in the egg, in between two books on a high shelf. His name was written on the shell in permanent marker. The library staff discovered him, and brought him to the lost and found. His egg was taken by John Carter, an elderly gentleman from South Wales who seemed to know at least a little about what it was. When the egg hatched, the thing that hatched from it bit John’s finger and over the next several days morphed into a physical copy of John as an eleven year old boy. John named him what had been written on the egg’s shell- Azi-Nommo-Ahi. For the next two years, John raised Azi as a son. Azi occasionally changed small parts of his shape and appearance, typically by accident, with little knowledge of what was happening. His shifting between different forms was difficult, painful, and usually accidental - clearly it was a skill not meant to be self taught. Regardless, from his own practice he learned to make limited internal changes to himself, redirecting his body's mass to different purposes. Azi loved drawing and painting from a young age, and spent much of his childhood at the easel, recreating the Welsh countryside. When his surrogate father died, Azi returned to the library, bringing nothing but a little food and his artistic tools. Since then, Azi has carved out a place for himself among the Library's infinite shelves.
He has learned enough of his origin to decide that the rest of his species is better avoided, left sealed away and unable to harm anyone but themselves.
Azi's odd romance with Desiderata has against all probability turned out fairly well. He is now content to spend his days painting, eating, and talking with his friends.