Ana Hita


Ana Hita


A Fertility Goddess' Avatar


Blessed Be the Goddess(Sorcery): Ana Hita affects those around her due to her deistic touch. She can spend a Fate Point to use her overt magical abilities as an avatar of the goddess.


Too Hot to Handle Ana Hita is attractive. In person, that is. Over pictures, video, the phone, whatever, she's just an average (if pretty) woman. But people, especially those who need something or help, tend to gravitate towards her.
I Am The Mother In that vein, Ana Hita feels compelled to help others around her, if they are in need, even if they don't want help. She can be quite nosy and overbearing. ENTER JEWISH MOTHER MODE.
"Well, maybe they killed their mother because she was a giant bitch." Ana Hita's fate is tied in with that of the natural world, being linked to a divine aspect of the earth. That being said, The Earth isn't exactly what I'd call "revered" or "treated well" lately, and she can be a little too aware of that.
Temp Aspect Mother's Kiss Either heal or buff a person with an automatic (+,+,+,+) magic roll. Costs two Fate Points.


  • Lore: 2
  • Magic (Healing and Growth and whatnots): 5
  • Perception: 2
  • Persuasion: 4
  • Physical Defense: 2
  • Body: 4
  • Mental Defense: 3
  • Mind: 3


Venus of Willendorf Figure on a necklace
Smartphone/MP3 player
Laptop w/ Carrying Bag
That stuff that heals?
Mother Mandragora Seed

Personal History

Ana Hita's mother and father were seventeen years old, and thought the whole paganism thing was a hit, and a good excuse to get drunk, get laid, and rebel. They certainly didn't expect to get pregnant. They really, certainly, didn't actually expect to have done the pagan rite correctly on the night of Ana's conception.
Of course, nobody really noticed until Ana hit puberty, and that's when it started. With little crushes and stray kittens. It bloomed into her young adult years when her power became evident, those she interacted with driven by attraction to her, falling over themselves for her help, or her touch, or just her acknowledgement.
So, once she finally had an epiphany (and a very frank discussion with a very old, lonely goddess) she realized what she was, and what she was here to do. And promptly decided that the appropriate course of action was to become a social recluse so she wouldn't have to deal with any of it.
So now she lives a quiet life, interacting over webcam and text, writing advice columns, tending to her little garden and copious amounts of houseplants, trying to figure out what she's going to do.

Fate Points



Total 4
Used 4


A healthy body, if a bit thick. Flawless skin that glows with health, Wild straw-golden hair. Brilliant eyes. Pretty fine, if you ask me.
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